Ultimate Comfort Split Wall AC

Energy Rating:   
2 Ton
Model: MST4MT1-24HRFN1
R410 environment-friendly gas
24000 BTU
Indoor unit (W/D/H): 1160x220x345mm
Inverter compressor
Key Features:
  • Fast cooling - Midea inverter air conditioners use high-frequency compressor start up technology to generate a strong flow of cool air in an extremely short time for your instant coolness.
  • High-Ambient Cooling - The advanced compressor is designed to deliver comfortable, cooling air, even with outside temperatures as high as 60°C. Midea refrigerant radiation technology cools electrical components 5 times more efficiently than conventional heat sinks. Energy Saving - Midea inverter air conditioners offer three operating power options: 50%, 75%, and 100%. You can choose a lower power level to conserve energy.
  • Air Magic filter - Innovated Air Magic technology, effectively eliminates bacteria, virus, microbes, and other harmful substances and refreshes the air.
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