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Flexible, reliable and highly efficient large scale cooling for tropical climates.

ESMA certified.

Eurovent certified (V5X tropical).


  • R410A refrigeration offers improved energy efficiency.
  • Tropical design up to 54°C operation temperature.
  • Max. 32HP in single unit.
  • High EER and COP values.
  • DC inverter compressors.
  • High efficiency heat exchanger.
  • Double EXVs control.
  • Multi solenoid valves control.
  • High reliability.
  • Flexible indoor unit combination 12 types / 100 models of indoor units can be selected ranging from 2.2kW to 56kW in capacity. 120% indoor unit connectable capacity.
  • Piping specification: overall piping length 1,000m, actual pipe length 175m, pipe length from first separation tube to the farthest indoor unit 120m.
  • Precise Oil Control technology.
  • Blue Fin technology as standard. High anti-corrosion treatment can be customised.
  • Web monitoring system – allows system operation at all times over the internet, ensuring trouble free operation.
  • BMS central control system.
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