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Air Cooled Screw Chiller

Multi functional, intelligent and efficient cooling solutions for large scale developments.

ESMA certified.


  • Advanced twin-rotor screw compressor – adopts the latest advanced 5-6 asymmetry dentiform rotors.
  • Direct drive type compressor motor with two pole operation. Non-reversing, squirrel cage induction type suitable for the voltage shown on the equipment schedule.
  • Standard bitzer compressor.
  • The microprocessor controller can monitor and control the operation of the unit by operating parameter automatically.
  • The unit reserved with RS485 port can be interfaced with BAS (Building Automation System).
  • Multi-functions: power-down memory function, self-diagnosis, data acquisition and storing.
  • Touchable control with colorful screen.
  • Larger dimension impellers reduce speed causing less noise.
  • Intelligent control logic balances the performance and working fan numbers to control the noise and power consumption.
  • Super low noise model is optional.