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Airstage VRF

Airstage is a powerful, reliable and highly efficient large scale cooling.

Variable Refrigerant Flow systems for large scale building and developments offering optimal comfort, high efficiency and reliability.

Eurovent certified (VIII series).

ESMA and QCC certified.


  • Powerful cooling – tropical design with a higher cooling capacity achieved at an ambient temperature of 52°C.
  • High Reliability – heavy anti-corrosion treatment satisfying JRA heavy anti-corrosion regulations {4002}.
  • High Efficiency Operation – economy saving technology saves energy consumption at high ambient temperature.
  • Blue fin heat exchanger – cobalt blue protection standard chromate protection with aluminum base material.
  • All screws and hinges with zinc chrome acid film treatment.
  • PCB and electronic components have high ambient temperature compatibility with silicon coating on all PCB circuits for anti-corrosion.
  • Flexible indoor unit combination – 12 types / 84 models ranging from 2.2kW to 28kW in capacity. 130% indoor unit connectable capacity.
  • Piping specification – overall piping length of 1,000m, total wiring length (total length of transmission line) can be extended up to 3,600 m. Actual pipe length is 165m. Pipe length from first separation tube to the farthest indoor unit 90m.
  • Liquid back flow protection.
  • Oil Recovery operation.