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Ducted Top Discharge

Discreet, quiet and efficient multi room systems for whole home comfort.

ESMA certified.

[ Duct :1.5 TR to 12.5 TR; Floor standing: 6.3 TR to 10 TR]


  • R410A refrigeration offers improved energy efficiency.
  • ESMA compliant 20°C environmental wired controller with IDU and PCB as standard.
  • Temperature sensor from both air return and wired controller sides.
  • Compact design for easy installation where ceiling space is limited.
  • Built-in drain pump can be customized for indoor unit.
  • 3-speed fan for enhanced comfort.
  • Two air intake methods: air intake from rear/air intake from bottom.
  • Fully insulated design helps to minimize indoor noise level.
  • Standard filter, 5mm thick, permanent and washable, housed in an aluminum frame, which is removable from the bottom in the downward direction. Material is A3 and PP.
  • Auxiliary electric heater is optional.
  • High quality heat-exchanger constructed of advanced inner-groove copper pipe and hydrophilic aluminum fin.
  • Tropical design with Copeland scroll compressor.
  • Grille/motor mounted for quiet fan operation.
  • Filter drier optional.
  • Designed with high/low pressure switch, blue hydrophilic fin.
  • Tropical design up to 52°C operation temperature.